What Does Clear Bra Do?


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At Ceramic Coating Your Home we are here to answer the question, What Does Clear Bra Do? Clear bra is also known as paint protection film or PPF – there are so many different names to call it but it is all the same product. Now, what is it? What does it do? And why is it a great protective option for your home? Clear bra is a clear polyurethane film that has a protective coating on the top. It is similar to the concept of a vinyl wrap, but it is invisible. It creates a flexible, self-healing barrier between your home surfaces and anything that could potentially cause wear and tear to your home surfaces.

Clear bra is designed to self-heal from scratches and minor forms of impact, which is great for surfaces like your countertops that interact with water, heat, and kitchen utensils. Clear bra also protects against UV rays and oxidation, which can help prevent premature again on outside surfaces. Covering the most vulnerable parts of your home with a clear bra keeps these surfaces safe from anything possibly encounter during day-to-day use. It is designed to be virtually invisible because we fully wrap all edges, making application seamless. Each piece of clear bra is custom cut to fit the surfaces of your home and those pieces are applied using a potent adhesive. Everything is perfectly smoothed out to ensure for zero air bubbles and imperfections.