What Does Ceramic Coating Do?

What Does Ceramic Coating Do?

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What does ceramic coating do? Here at Ceramic Coating Your Home, we have all the answers. If you take a closer look at any surface (we’re talking about the molecular level), they contain tiny microscopic pores. These pores are open to the air and the environment, which is what allows water, dirt, and other types of contaminants to age your surfaces. The best way to fill those pores is with a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating, like Ceramic Pro 9H, uses nano technology to fill those pores and form a covalent bond. This creates a glass-like shield over any surface. After a nano ceramic coating fills the pores your surfaces will be harder, easier to clean, and have a deeper shine. Ceramic Pro 9H was designed to be layered in order to create a new substrate. What we do is layer this coating over surfaces in your home to protect them from damage and aging.

Ceramic Pro 9H is made up of silica dioxide and titanium dioxide, similar to most ceramic coatings on the market. It is important to acknowledge the quality of those ingredients and the amount of them in each bottle. A Ceramic Pro 9H is around 65% silica dioxide and titanium dioxide suspended in a carrier solvent. The quality of these materials are what make the layers harder and the carrier solvent is what allows the nano ceramic coating to permeate and embed to your surfaces and stay there. With consumer grade coatings, you will probably find less of these ingredients in each bottle because that will make for an easier application. A professional grade coating will have coatings designed specifically for each surface. Our professionals at Ceramic Coating Your Home are on the cutting edge of protecting your biggest investment with ceramic coating!