Toilet Protection

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Toilets are the last thing you want to clean, which is why toilet protection is an absolute must. Bathrooms are extremely exposed to scum, build-ups, mold, and soap residues. If these surfaces are not wiped down immediately, strong chemicals are required to break down the mold and remove all stains. With Ceramic Pro bathroom and cabinet protection, cleaning the bathroom is a simple rinse and wipe down. When applied, it creates a clear glass shield preventing anything to bond the surface. The protective layer makes water bead up encapsulating dirt and scum and simply roll off the surface when rinsed off. Cleaning other undesirable things that your toilet comes in contact with is a thing of the past. Make cleaning your toilet and your entire bathroom a breeze with ceramic toilet protection!

Benefits of Toilet Protection:

  • Keeps your toilet free from stains
  • Prevents calcium deposits
  • Creates a slick hydrophobic surface preventing tedious scum from sticking
  • Creates a more sanitary surface
  • Makes toilet cleaning easier and less frequent