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When it comes to bathroom protection, ceramic coating is definitely the best way to go. Your shower and bathtub are constantly exposed to moisture which can lead to water spot, calcium build up, and the possibility of mold growth. The best way to prevent all of these unsightly things is to be proactive with a protective nano ceramic coating. A ceramic coating permanently bonds to the surface of your bathtub or shower and fills in the pores creating a glass-like shield. Ceramic coating is incredibly hydrophobic, so water will bead up and roll off of any surface it is applied to. Because of the hydrophobic effects, water will not linger and leave behind water spots and calcium deposits. You will not have to worry about mold growth because of how quickly your bathtub or shower will dry after a ceramic coating. If your tub is ceramic, you will no longer need to worry about surface paint chips that can be inconvenient to fix in addition to being unsightly.


  • Keeps your bathtub or shower free from water spots
  • Prevents calcium deposits
  • Creates a slick hydrophobic surface preventing standing water
  • Creates a more sanitary surface